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Ceiling mounted displays
The simple art of displaying

FLEX-display ceiling mounted systems are ease to assemble and disassemble

1 - simply insert the banner in the Snap-lock bar

2 - mount clips to the wires

3 - attach the assembled banner to the clips


Ceiling systems can carry banners at any height and width


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Example, Ceiling display

With the use of ceiling fixing clips you will be able to hang your banner from the ceiling. The banner is mounted with two snap-lock horizontal bars making it easy to change the banner whenever needed.

The ceiling display can carry banners with widths from 40 – 200cm and heights from 40 - 400cm.

Display shown is 80 x 150 cm.


Wall Display
This system consists of:

2 x Horizontal Bars Snap-Lock or Classic

2 x Ceiling fixings

1 x Banner

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