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Portable FLAG-extender

Portable Flag-extender™is an indoor/outdoor-advertising tool that will increase your visibility and attract attention. The Patented design of the Flag-Extender ensures that your message is always visible. This cross between a flag, sign and a banner is made with high-quality materials and the modular lightweight units are easy to set up/take down.


Flag Extender

• Choose heights from 200cm to 600cm. (You may add an extra pole section for visibility below the flag)

• Choose any size of flags from widths: 65 to 120cm and heights up to 500cm.

• Choose between our top-quality types of bases for hard or soft surface.

• Choose our pole to base adaptor if you want to fit the flag-pole to an existing base.


Portable Flag Extender Portable Flag Extender
Flag Extender Base
This system consists of

1 x Base
1 x Flag pole parts in aluminium (top-and bottom) + a pole connector
1 x Flexible carbon-fiber FLAG-Extender rod
1 x Flag with pockets for the system

Download Assembly # S-22

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