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Advertiser Hanging

Lumaline Advertiser for ceiling is a 360 ° luminous pillar which can be used as a free-hanging display.

The system basics is two round frames in the top and bottom, a transparent or opaque film with print which is mounted with velcro. Inside two energy saving light bulbs makes the pillar light up.

Total weight: 4,5 kg.

Dimensions: 44,5 x 98 cm.

Printsize: 98 x 142cm.


This system consists of

1 x Adjustable suspension system, 3 x 3 meters

2 x Frames for top / bottom

1 x Opal front sheet, 1401,5 x 980mm

1 x Aluminium zipper with socket for lights

2 x Lamps with 20W energy saver bulps

1 x Bottom plate and 1 x lid

Supplied assembled, excl. bags and print

Component specification

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