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A: Lightweight round tabletop, foldable

I: Bottom plate for hanging system

B: Lamps, 20W energy saver bulps

J: Lid

C: Frames, top and bottom

K: Connectors for Totem

D: Front sheet opal white APET

L: Bag for complete Advertiser

E: Print on back-lit film with velcro

M: Lightweight tabletop CoS

F: Alu-zipper w. velcro and socket for lights

N: Bag for lightweight tabletop CoS

G: Alu-zipper w. velcro and without socket for lights

O: Velcro loop, 0,8 x 98cm

H: Ceiling suspension system

P: Round lightweight base for Totem

Base Module
Lumaline Advertiser
Advertiser Hanging
Advertiser Table
Advertiser Totem
Advertiser Counter